ABC Ekonomii - Children are our future
The original project of Artur Czepczyński aims at promoting economic and financial education among pre-schoolers and primary school students.
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Increasing knowledge and skills of children and the youth in the fields of economics, finance and entrepreneurship.
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Methodical support for teachers and educators, providing them with valuable educational materials.
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Substantive and methodical support for parents who want to educate their children in economics and financial subjects.
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Attracting partners from the business world willing to support the ABC of Economics project and promote economic education in the society.
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Establishing a fruitful and a long-term cooperation between entrepreneurs and the body running educational institutions and schools themselves.
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Inspiring at governmental level to modify and expand the parts of the core curriculum of compulsory education, which are related to economics and financial education.
ABC-Czepczyński’s commitment to education stems from our conviction that children and young people should be fully equipped with the skills they will need in the future as active agents in the economy, whether as employees, employers or entrepreneurs. We believe that business world should be involved in this process and play part in shaping sustainable business values.
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ABC-Czepczyński is the only company which is a permanent member of The Partnership for Financial Education (PREF), which actively promotes education in economics and finance.
The success of the ABC Economy project made us realise how big the interest of the society is in economic education, which has been treated as a secondary issue so far. Being aware of the importance of economic and financial education of new generations, we decided to go further in our educational activities.
(Polski) W ramach funkcjonującego projektu powstała książka pt. „ABC ekonomii, czyli pierwsze kroki w świecie finansów” dedykowana przedszkolakom ( 5- i 6 - latkom) oraz uczniom z klas I-III. Jej współautorem jest Wiktor Czepczyński – syn Artura Czepczyńskiego, Prezesa firmy ABC-Czepczyński.
The book contains of 12 stories which tackle different issues from the world of economics and finance. Children, along with the main characters - Zosia and Max, receive answers to such bothering questions as:
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The inspiration for the general theme of the project addressed to primary school students was the book written by Patrycja Krzanowska entitled ‘The World of Money‘. By preparing a complete package of teaching materials for educators, the ABC-Czepczyński company encourages schools to include classes on finance and economics in their educational programme.

In 2016, the project was introduced in primary schools of Międzychód county and its positive reception and effects resulted in a dynamic increase of awareness in the field of financial education among children. In a short time, ABC of Economics was implemented in primary schools of many cities and towns of Poland.

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So far, 80 000 students from over 30 cities and towns participated in the project. Students of the grades IV-VI of primary school had the opportunity to learn about economics and finance during workshops organized, among others, in Poznań, Szczecin, Wrocław, Kraków, Sandomierz and Warsaw. They were based on the lesson plans, work cards and infographics prepared by us.

The ABC of Economics project not only includes workshops for students, but also meetings with: their parents, teachers, headmasters and representatives of governing bodies - and other important entities in the field of education of children. During these meetings, we discuss why economic education is important, how to talk with children about economics, how to adapt content to the developmental age of children and what methods and tools to use so that a child grows into an economically conscious citizen.
In cooperation with Deloitte Polska and under the patronage of the Foundation Children's University and the Association of Accountants in Poland, workshops for ‘small students‘ were held in many premises of this company in Poland. Many subjects were involved in conducting the classes: not only the volunteers of the Foundation and the employees of ABC-Czepczyński or Deloitte, but also the Association of Employers of the Private Confederations Lewiatan and the representatives of companies that decided to support us in disseminating economic education.

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The ABC of Economics project, addressed to primary school students, is supported by a number of entrepreneurs and organisations, which have recognised the materials and issues proposed by us as valuable. From the beginning of the project our group of partners has been constantly growing, which is of great value for us and allows to broaden the educational impact.